About Me

IMG_3598Hello Foodies… I am Bhawna Narula, an advertising professional. By nature, I am a simple person and follow this beautiful quote, “Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.”

For me, food is the best thing to happen to the humankind. Food nahin to kuchh bhi good nahin. Needless to say that I am a foodie to the core and whenever I get stressed, either I go to a nearby restaurant and try something exotic or gorge in to some home cooked food. At the same time, exploring different food/cuisines/recipes/dishes and cooking for my family gives me extreme satisfaction and happiness.

Before marriage I never used to cook and always asked my mom to give me some other work if guests were coming over lunch or dinner. However after marriage I tried making simple dishes different from what we used to eat daily. The dishes were liked by everyone at home & guests. That gave me enough strength and encouragement. Gradually I started trying simple recipes which can be cooked by anyone with available ghar ki cheezein like vegetables, spices etc. But being an advertising professional, I never got enough time to explore new dishes but whenever I got time after coming from office or on holidays, I tried to cook something different. It paid. Now I am so much in to cooking that whenever I get spare time, either I surf food related blogs or relish developing or tasting different recipes.

But the entire credit for this goes to three lovelies in my life – “my mom in law who’s just too perfect with her culinary abilities, my dad, from whom I have inherited this beautiful hobby and last but not the least my husband who motivated me to start Cheftimes and share my simple yet interesting and mouth watering recipes with everyone. He also helps me clicking good photographs of the dishes.

My idea of starting Cheftimes is to share my simple recipes with people who think that we can’t make different dishes with grocery & spices available at home and also for people who don’t get time to cook because of their busy schedules and think that cooking is very time consuming, tedious & boring job. So taking one step at a time, here I will try to share some of mine, my family’s or sometimes someone else’s recipe (with due credit given) with all the food lovers out there… Enjoy…