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Maida / All Purpose Flour 1 Β½ cup
Wheat Flour 1 cup
Curd 2 - 3 tablespoon
Melted Butter 1 - 2 tablespoon
Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Sufficient Luke Warm Water
For Garnishing – Kalonji Seeds & Butter

Recipe Type : Indian Bread


  1. For Dough – Take Maida & wheat flour in a big bowl & add Curd, Butter, Baking Powder, Salt & mix well, then add sufficient luke warm Water and knead into a soft dough (Same as we make for Chapati or Roti), covered it with kitchen cloth / food wrapping cling film and keep aside for minimum 30 mins
  2. Take small portions of dough & make a round ball like roti, On rolling board, roll out thinly into a circle / oval shape and spread very little water (1-2 teaspoon) on the top of Naan with your hand
  3. Heat a Non-stick tawa & keep the flame on medium, place the Naan on it (where we have applied water), on other side also apply very little water
  4. When the Naan is puffed up on the top then flip the naan and cook well from other side also. You can also cook Naan on direct flame like we make Roti’s
  5. Once the Naan is cooked well from both sides, apply little butter and spread few Kalonji Seeds for Garnishing
  6. Serve hot with Veg / Non Veg curry




10 min


15 min


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