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Makhana 1/2 cup
Milk 1 litre
Cardamom Seeds/Elachi 1
Ghee 1 teaspoon
Sugar 4 - 5 teaspoon
Almond/Badam 5 - 6 piece
Milk Powder 5 teaspoon
Cashew Nuts/Kaju 5 piece
Raisin/Kishmish 5 - 6 pieces


  1. Toss the Makhana and Badam for couple of mins in ghee
  2. Add the roasted Makhana and Badam in a grinder and blend it in a fine powder
  3. To a wide sauce pan pour the milk and heat, add a cardamom seed in it
  4. Roast Cashew Nuts and Raisin in a Ghee, keep it aside
  5. When the milk starts boiling, then add Milk Powder in it and mix well. Make sure there are no lumps in it
  6. Add Sugar in it and mix well for another 5 mins
  7. Then add roasted Makhanas and Badam Powder in the milk, Mix well. Boil it for 5 mins and then add Cashew and Raisins in it
  8. Once the kheer is finally turning thick. Turn off the stove and let it rest for 10 mins.
  9. NOW THE MAKHANA KHEER IS READY. Garnish it with some chopped Dry fruits




15 min


25 min


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  • Thank you Ms Tanuja for sharing this recipe. I tried today.. it is easy to cook and has really come up very tasty similar to Makhana Kheer which is cooked in hours. 😊

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